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About us

With almost 20 years of experience in the programming of control systems, we aim to provide optimized and profitable solutions. Our experience is mainly based on the automotive sector, specially in Ford factories. We have also developed projects in other factories and sectors such as ceramics, climate control, greenhouses, cement, glass, food, beverages, water treatment, thermal power and logistics plants. Our PLC and robot programmers put their commitment and knowledge at the service of the project. You can consult the History and Projects sections for more information, and get to know our most important Staff members.


We offer comprehensive industrial programming services, which allow us to solve any control and automation problem.

PLC programming

Our PLC programmers, with more than 20 years of experience, have extensive knowlegde of the most important PLC brands and standards.

Control and Analysis Applications for Industry

Our top-level programming and R&D department can perform control applications for industry on industrial PCs or microcontrollers. We have extensive knowledge of C++ programming and with RAD Studio environment.

Robot programming

In our robot department, we have programmers with almost 20 years of experience in automotive plants and with the most important robot brands. This allows us to offer integrated PLC and robot solutions.

Most recent projects

Below you can see the most recent projects carried out by SiAM. For more details, visit the projects section

Ford CX740


Ford SMAX Hybrid


Jaguar Nitra - L663


Ford Kuga CX482