PLC programming

We're specialists in design and development of industrial control software, as well as supervision, monitoring and data acquisition in industrial processes. We can perform offline programming, simulation, commissioning, optimization and monitoring of production 24/7.

We are experts in a multitude of devices and industrial standards such as the following:

Programmable logic controllers

Field buses

Robot Programming

Our robot department is formed by robot programmers with extensive experience, mainly in the automotive sector.

We have knowledge of many robot brands and standards. We also have experience in welding equipment (Bosch, H&W, Fase), sealer equipment (SCA), vision equipment (ISRA, INOS, EINES, Cognex) or other devices that communicate with robots via Ethernet-IP, Interbus, Devicenet and other field buses.

These are the main robot brands and equipment we work with:

Industrial control and management applications

We have the capacity to develop applications for PCs and mobile devices, both for business management -with access to databases- and for industrial control with connection to line devices such as PLCs and robots, with applications such as the following:

  • Record of production data, times, errors, availability.
  • Remote monitoring of lines.
  • Production management and control.
  • Code analysis and automatic documentation preparation.